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Jersey County Board Committee Appointments for 2018-2020



This committee shall be responsible for reviewing issues and making recommendations to the County Board concerning the Regional Office, Extension Office, County Coroner, Jersey County 911 services, Animal Control services, Ambulance services, Jersey County Emergency & Disaster services, Recycling Program services, Landfill services, Environmental issues, and Nuisance issues.  Hazard Mitigation Plan, Flood Plain and Flood Insurance.

Mark Wagner (Chairman)
Mary Kirbach, Gary Krueger, Brian Kanallakan, Ben Heitzig, Sandy Hefner


This Committee shall serve as a liaison between the County Board and the Office of County Clerk, Circuit Clerk, Sheriff, State's Attorney, County Treasurer, Supervisor of Assessments, and County Code Administrator.

Jarrod Hayes (Chairman)
Ben Heitzig, Mary Drainer, Eric Ivers, Mark Wagner


This Committee shall be responsible for reviewing all grant requests for tourism assistance and making recommendations to the County Board related to grants aiding in the marketing and promotion of tourism and economic development in Jersey County.

Sandy Hefner (Chairman)
Mark Wagner, Scott Tonsor, Mary Kirbach, Eric Ivers


This Committee shall be responsible overseeing the operations of the Jersey County Highway Department and making recommendations to the County Board on matters related projects and programs needs on county infrastructure, and joint projects with township highway departments.

Gary Krueger (Chairman)
Ed Koenig Jr, Jarrod Hayes, Ben Heitzig, Don Little


This Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and presenting recommendations to the County Board on matters related to construction or renovation of structure for use by the county, maintenance of county structures, reviewing spatial requirements for the various offices and operations of county government, and recommendations related to sale, purchase and maintenance of county land.  This committee shall also be responsible for reviewing and presenting recommendations to the County Board in matters relating to Building Permits, Land Use Planning, Subdivision Plats, and Fair Administration of County Subdivision Control Ordinance.

Brian Kanallakan (Chairman)
Mark Wagner, Gary Krueger, Sandy Hefner, Jarrod Hayes, Ben Heitzig


This Committee shall be responsible for the periodic review of the existing county liquor licenses and make recommendations to the County Board on the reduction or expansion of the number of county issued liquor licenses, license fees, or any other matter related to the county liquor control ordinance.

Don Little (Chairman)
Scott Tonsor, Jarrod Hayes, Mark Wagner, Ed Koenig Jr


This Committee shall be responsible for the monthly review of ALL bills submitted to the County Board for payment prior to Board meeting, and shall report with a recommendation to the County Board as to payment of the respective bills.

Jarrod Hayes (Chairman)
Ed Koenig Jr, Gary Krueger, Eric Ivers, Don Little


This Committee shall be responsible for monitoring Federal and State Legislation and the effect that said Legislation has on Jersey County, and to report to the County Board with proactive or reactive recommendations. The Committee shall also handle issues of public policy and county government that do not clearly fit within the defined jurisdiction of the other committees, as well as disputes related to the distribution of public aid benefits by townships.  This committee shall also be responsible for handling Special Projects that arise from time to time that are assigned to them by the Jersey County Board Chairman.  They will report back to the Board Chairman or County Board in a timely manner in regards to the topic assigned.

Mary Kirbach (Chairman)
Scott Tonsor, Mark Wagner, Sandy Hefner, Don Little


This Committee shall be responsible for overseeing budget development and tax levies necessary for the operation of the county government of Jersey County, and for monitoring the general financial condition of county government, and shall serve as an overseeing body and liaison to the County Board. The Committee shall also review issues involving all insurance coverage for the county government of Jersey County as well as all insurance that pertains to all employees and make recommendations to the County Board.

Don Little (Chairman)
Gary Krueger, Sandy Hefner, Mary Kirbach, Ben Heitzig, Eric Ivers


This Committee shall be responsible for handling labor contract negotiations with the respective bargaining units representing employees in Jersey County government, and making recommendations to the County Board concerning the acceptance of contracts. The committee shall also serve as the initial “hearing body” for any grievances filed by members of the bargaining units, or for any other personnel issues involving working conditions and benefits provided to employees of Jersey County government.

Don Little (Chairman)                
Gary Krueger, Mary Kirbach, Mary Drainer, Sandy Hefner


Chairmen of each committee are responsible for communication of the activities of their committee to the Chairman of the Board.

Chairman of each committee should submit items to be placed on the agenda by at least, but no later than 12:00 noon on the Wednesday prior to the Board meeting. All items should include written documentation that can be sent out with the packets. Items received after 12:00 noon on the Wednesday prior to the board meeting will be held for consideration at the following meeting and will NOT be placed on the Agenda for that month. All items must have “Written” information attached. Items can and should be submitted earlier when possible to aid in the preparation of the agenda. The only exceptions to this will be items deemed emergencies and approved by the Chairman to be submitted late. In such cases, these items will be sent out separately as soon as possible and placed in board members mailboxes for review prior to the meeting. In these situations, board members will be called so they can pick up the information prior to the meeting.

Board members who have questions about any item on the agenda are encouraged to call the Committee Chairman prior to the meeting for the clarification or more information. Do not wait until the meeting if you have concerns. Let the committee chairman know so he/she can be prepared to address your concerns. Providing your fellow board members this courtesy, will help promote cooperation on the board and improve understanding of all issues.

Note: The Illinois Open Meetings law requires the posting in the County Building of both the notice and the agenda of a committee meeting 48 hours before the meeting.

Note: The Chairman of the County Board serves as ex officio member of all committees, and shall also serve as Liquor control Officer.